What is Tymisauna

Hello and Welcome to Tymisauna.

Tymisauna is a Japanese concept and design of steam and sauna for the showers.

A hot steam bath is scientifically proven healthy as well as can help relieve Asthma, Arthritis, Lose weight, Reuthmatism, Muscle pain, Stress fatigue, Clear skin complexion, Cold/Fever, Allergies, and many more. Basically, it lets the users get some much-needed relaxation after a long day at work.

We at TYMISAUNA are dedicated in perfecting our products and bring good health to the users. Our products included 2 Years Limited Warranty on Manufacturer Parts

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Detoxify your body is a MUST for everyone if you want to have a healthy life!
Caancer Treatment specialist
With the TYMISAUNA, steam bath at home and in my shower, I don’t have to go to the gym or any other common steam room for sharing a steam bath with anyone anymore. Thanks!
John Doe
My boy have asthma, and since we have the TYMISAUNA at home, he use it every day, he can now breathe easier. Also I put the Ajwain seeds into the TYMISAUNA exhaust steam nozzle, it really help his breathing and sleep through the night. Thank You to TYMISAUNA.
Mrs. Amezia Tran
skin specialist
All TYMISAUNA models are so beautiful, luxurious and stylish. We have hard time choosing one. We finally pick the model Paris, and using it is so wonderful. Thank You TYMISAUNA.
Truyen Nguyen